Here at Red Raven Hair, we pride ourselves on keeping the highest standards on booking and confirming appointments. We have policies in place to help not only our team but our clients as well. Our polices are as followed:


Bookings and Deposits

We require deposits to secure all colour bookings. Most bookings will only require $25 deposit however if major colour work is being done a $50 deposit may be required. The deposit amount is then deducted from the final quote at check out. If for any reason you need to reschedule the appointment we are happy to roll the deposit onto the new booking however if cancelled last minute or you do not turn up it is non-refundable. All deposits can be paid over the phone and in store.


Needing to cancel and reschedule happens often and we completely understand the unavoidable situations. In the event that you are unwell we advise to reschedule the appointment immediately. If you need to contact us outside of our trading hours please message us directly through Face book, Instagram or send us a text via our salon mobile – 0478 611 489. In all other circumstances we require 24 hours notice for all cancelations. We send out confirmations 48 hours prior to allow plenty of time to confirm or cancel when needed. If you do not notify us within the time frame or fail to show up for your appointment a cancelation fee will needed to be paid prior to making another booking. This fee is $25 and can be paid over the phone or in store. You will also be required to pay 50% deposit for all future bookings. We have these policies in place to help cover our running expenses as we cannot fill a no show or a last minute cancelation.

Running Late

Sometimes traffic can affect our travel times which is completely unavoidable at times. If you are running late you must notify us. If its up to 10-15 Minutes we may be able to continue your appointment when you arrive however if its any later then 15 minutes you will be asked to reschedule as we run on a timeframe for all our bookings and is unfair on our other clients who are booked after you.